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Social, economic and political problems destabilize life in every country. At first they affect the poor, the elderly, the people who have low incomes, unemployed, alone, unable to work because of illness or disability. It mostly refers to Italy. A place of residence, a region and lack of adequate infrastructure hamper the access to health and social care. The problems of the sphere of everyday life are: corruption, indolence of officials, unemployment, lawlessness, low medical care, illegal immigration and the slowdown of economic growth.

All of this make the Italian society dissatisfied with the work of the government. Unwillingly concern to any reform, does not believe in the effectiveness of politicians. Government, like in every country, praise the progress of reform, increase of prosperity and public awareness. They do not worry about the level of the people’s aversion because some sectors such as tourism, catering, and trade bring benefits to citizens and the state for years.

Substantial social reform would certainly meet the resistance of certain groups in the country; such as the determined judiciary politic that caused a wave of attacks on the police and prosecutors several years ago. It seems, however, that the repair of the state requires decisive changes.

Italy is a country highly valued by its friendly tourists, who care for the peace. Long tradition and solicitude of family tradition, developed culture, historical achievements, the wealth of art, and Vatican City make the country frequently visited. Furthermore governments of Italy should care on improving the well being and image of its citizens.

Social and economic reform would undoubtedly change the face of the poor regions in Italy, administrative reform seem to be necessary. The reduction of prices would protect the consumer, which would reduce the import of cheap goods from Asian countries. Better cooperation between the Italian police and the Albanian, Croatian, Romanian and North African countries would reduce the number of illegal immigrants.

Improvement of the social and economic situation would influence the change of the negative image the political spheres have, which is so far perceived by the citizens of this beautiful country.


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